Our loyalists know that when it comes to personal finance, Paxful doesn’t play. Running a business, remitting money, and purchasing goods are serious matters so our team makes it a point to take your experience on our platform seriously. Peer-to-peer finance is a revolution and we’re proud to be at the front waving our banners.

Earlier this month, LocalBitcoins announced the removal of all cash offers from their site. The news may have come as a surprise to some but here at Paxful, we know that cash is still king. Millions of people rely on our services to build their lives and we fully intend to protect those promises. Cash offers will always be available for our customers as long as they need them.

In our continued pursuit of financial inclusion for people everywhere, Paxful is happy to announce that the bank transfer escrow fee has been lowered to 0.1%. As we always say, everyone should have a way to pay. We hope that this news will encourage customers, both old and new, to join us in reclaiming financial control. Head over to our site and check out some great bank transfer offers now!