Press Release

Paxful Releases State Of Cryptocurrency Among Millennials And Generation Z Survey  In 2019 

Paxful releases data that outlines the popularity, overall knowledge, and sentiment towards cryptocurrency amongst the Millennial and Generation Z populations in the United States.  Amongst the findings, the survey shows that this generation of young early adopters believes cryptocurrency could replace traditional banking with 43.6% responding yes cryptocurrency is valid now and 26.4%, agree they will be a valid alternative in the future.

Press Release

Paxful To Expand Access To Bitcoin in East Africa 

Through its operations in Kenya, Paxful aims to partner with innovation centers, learning institutions and other stakeholders in Kenya and across the region to educate the public on bitcoin and peer-to-peer finance. At present, 45 percent of the active users of Paxful are from Africa. Paxful trade volumes in Kenya shillings (KES) are significantly higher than usual reaching 14 million KES traded in July 2019.