April Fools’ Day truly is one of a kind. After all, what other holiday encourages practical jokes and fool’s errands—from sending your friend an envelope full of exploding glitter to a good old-fashioned spider in the bed. 

The day of practical jokes and whimsy is here and we hope that you’ve already pulled a few good ones. Already got your friends good? We know the perfect way to let them know it was all done out of love. 

To celebrate April Fools, we’re doing a special giveaway. You can be one of the four lucky users to win 50 USD worth of Bitcoin. Here’s what you need to do to enter: 

✅ Tag a friend you’ve pranked or would like to prank on any of our social media channels

✅ Remember to include your Paxful username

✅ Have an ID-verified Paxful account

Today’s your only chance to join, so get right on it! 




The contest runs on April 1, Thursday, from 12 AM EST to 11:59 EST. Good luck and happy pranking! 

*The amount of crypto distributed is calculated at the exchange rate applicable at the time of distribution at Paxful’s sole discretion.

*Employees, officers and directors of Paxful, and all of their respective parents, subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, suppliers, printers, distributors and advertising, promotional agencies, (and their respective IRS dependents, immediate family members [parents, children, siblings, and spouse]) and individuals residing in their same household (whether or not related) are not eligible to participate or win.