Paxful turns 6 this July and we thought: what better way to celebrate it than with an awesome giveaway for all our users? 

As a thank you for sticking with us throughout the years, we’re doing one of our biggest giveaways yet. Trade your heart out and get a chance to win from our 6,000 USD prize pool

Every Friday of July, starting on the 16th, we’ll be randomly selecting 2 users to take home 1,000 USD worth of crypto each—yup, you heard that right: each

Here’s what you need to do to enter: 

  • Verify your ID on your Paxful account
  • Trade at least 10 USD worth of any crypto on Paxful within the month of July
  • Create an offer using the ‘Paxful6’ offer tag or buy/sell crypto from a trader using the same tag

These past 6 years have been a wild ride and a wonderful journey—and we have all our users, both old and new, to thank for that. We’re glad you’re here by our side. 

Good luck!