It began with two of us at the front bar taking down a few beers with a serving of bread and olive oil.

The party was joined by 4 others and then 10 more came in so we went to the back and had a party.

Bread Cut 3 from EasyBitz on Vimeo.

Bitcoiners from all over NYC were in attendance. We had a really eclectic group of people, from advertising to music, accounting, and hardcore geeks. We had hardcore bitcoin libertarians chilling with two guys from the DEA’s office. In the end, we had about 16 people and racked up a $500 tab all of which was paid in bitcoin.

The whole process went smoothly. Our zero-click system works with just SMS, no internet or smartphone needed. Our web app merchant pos works from any smartphone with 3g or wifi. Bread had both just in case and both were used.

 Accept Bitcoin Easily with the EasyBitz Point of Sale App and Zero click system
In a dark bar, with bad internet reception, both the Point of Sale and the Zero Click system came in handy. We give merchants a simple iPhone 4s with a transparent case and zero-click card on the back with our pre-POS loaded. It works like a charm!

Go Visit Bread now it is an awesome restaurant!